Project Power - Movie Review (Netflix 2020)

Project Power is a new Netflix film starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Dominique Fishback and it's about a pill that gives its users unpredictable superpowers for five minutes hits the streets of New Orleans, a teenage dealer and a local cop must team with an ex-soldier to take down the group responsible for its creation.

The spec script for this movie originally just called Power went through a bidding war and you can understand why, a pill that gives you superpowers for five minutes when you swallow it, you don't really know what your superpower is going to be, you could burst into flames, you could blow up, you have no idea, you could become impervious to bullets, it could be anything which seems like it could be unlimited potential for a really exciting action film set in a world with unlimited possibilities, unfortunately despite that great idea this film takes that idea and puts it in the most generic plot ever.  

Jamie Foxx is searching for the corporation that stole his daughter and he believes that this corporation that stole his daughter is behind the creation of this pill that's causing chaos on the streets of new Orleans, it feels like a disappointingly bland way to introduce us to this world, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays frank, who's friends with this young girl robin because she's a dealer and she's able to give him pills and he understands what his superpower is, he uses them on the job which is a fun story line, unfortunately this movie has a lot of story lines that don't really coalesce until its final minutes and once it finally does, it kind of leaves you hanging and wondering why so many different story lines had to be in this movie, because the inclusion of Dominique Fishback's character "robin" at the end of the film feels kind of unnecessary, that's not to say that she's bad in the movie, I think she's great in this movie she has a couple of my favorite scenes, this is purely a discussion about this character in the script in this story, what the character really does for the story and unfortunately, it feels very strange,  because you have Jamie Foxx's character who's desperately searching for his real daughter and he teams up with sort of a substitute daughter, who doesn't have a father in her life, for a while he's kind of a father figure, while you're watching the film, not entirely sure how it's going to end, that dynamic feels kind of interesting but I can't spoil the movie for you but once you do see its ending, it feels like it led to nothing.

The directors of this film previously made paranormal activity 3 and 4, and Nerve, and if you saw Nerve, this film has a similar style, it's very heightened, very fast, things happen very quickly and there's a lot of energy to the way the film moves,  it's made very competently, the shots look really great, all the cinematography is very strong, the real problem with this movie is its script, the story feels like a third or fourth draft and it's baffling to me that it went through such a bidding war, it's probably just because the concept is cool, the tone is all over the place too, there are scenes that feel extremely exciting that feels very sad and depressing about what it's like to live in a world that just doesn't care about you when your mother's really sick while you're trying to pay for her bills and the only way you can do that is become a drug dealer, that's very sad and dominique fishback's character robin adds a lot of emotion to the movie, but the film also has a lot of comedy that just fell flat and awkward cgi like this one guy who kind of takes the pill and just turns into a giant i don't know the cave troll from fellowship of the ring is the best way i can describe him, it was kind of funny, unfortunately i was also surprised by how the film treats its rating which is R, sometimes it's very safe, there are two occurrences in this movie where someone's about to say the F word and they cut away mid of it  like it's a pg-13 movie or something, there's also a lot of violence in the movie that is filmed in a way that is very unclear, some guy gets his head shoved through an ice sculpture but the shot jerks to the left so quickly that you can't really tell what happened until later they show him bleeding out , there's a lot of moments like that throughout this movie where it feels like the film is censoring itself almost like aiming for a pg-13 even though it's definitely not gonna get it but at the same time the movie is also strangely mean-spirited,  

It was really nice to see joseph Gordon-Levitt in a movie again, I haven't seen him in a film since Snowden I haven't seen the 7500 movie that's on amazon prime, Jamie Foxx is always good, I like him in everything, he's one of the most likable charismatic actors around, Dominique Fishback, like I said, is really good, the talent on the screen is phenomenal, the directors do a really good job of helming a fun exciting looking movie, and as a conclusion, this is all script problems, this all feels like something that should have taken more time, it just feels like they really should have looked at that draft and tried to figure out what really needs to be there and what doesn't need to be there, because it's so strange to have a movie where the entire goal is to find this daughter a,d she's barely in the film, but we have sort of like this replacement daughter for the majority of the movie, it's just a strange narrative choice that didn't really pay off that much.


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