Dark Season 3 | Things You Might Have Missed & Easter Eggs (Part 2)

I've been rewatching the final season to add to my notes, and today I have 33 details that you might have missed. I think 33 is the right number, but it's a big number, so I want to jump right in, this will be a 2 part article.  Click here for part 1

number 16 is one that goes back even before 1888, we learn about the origin of the gold watch, several people asked why'd the blind man, who turns out to be Gustav Tannhaus, had the watch in the scene where he's killed by the Unknown? the answer is that the watch was passed down from his father, Heinrich Tannhaus, who originally bought it for his wife who was named Charlotte, she died and this led to the formation of Sic Mundus because Heinrich wanted to learn about time travel to try to go back and save her life. the name Charlotte and the idea of time traveling to save a departed loved one will continue on in the Tannhaus family throughout the generations. 

number 17 is about Magnus, when he's in front of the cave in the 2019 timeline he says something to the effect of about a hundred years, just after the war they did experiments in the caves, this is interesting because that would be around the time where Erit Lux would probably be doing the same things that sic Mundus was doing at the beginning of season two, digging the passage and getting ready for it to open up years later, 

The next five are all bits of deja vu and they start off with the experience that Martha and alt Martha have under the bridge and the opening episodes of season 1 and season 3, next we saw Bartosz in class talking about wormholes which felt like a callback to see the classroom in season 1, in that scene the teacher was talking about symmetry and said the repetition is mirrored along a central axis, so the repetition begins at an imaginary center point and branches off into opposing directions, there was an interesting drawing that looks like the two worlds and the infinity knot on the board so this is an early reference to how things played out in the final season. the next one is another one from school and it's the actor who played Killian showing up in season one, he was in their school's version of the play Ariadne, he wasn't credited as being an Obendorf in season one and this was his only scene, but it was played by the same actor and it's connected to the same situation. 

Number 21 is Ulrich mentioning the Apocalypse both times when he was coming back from the bakery because he was out having an affair, in season 1 he's held up because he's spending time with Hannah and in season 3 he's telling Hannah that he was held up because he was spending time with Charlotte.

Number 22 is Eva repeating Adam's line about a person living three lives. while it's not word for word it is a variation and a call back to Adam talking with Jonas. the basic gist is that the first life ends with the loss of naivete, the second with the loss of innocence, and the third with the loss of life itself. 

Number 23 is that we hear about the phenomenon that Eva exploits for her loophole on the radio in 2020, Claudia is walking into the post-apocalyptic police station where she lives and we can hear the radio, we hear scientists are still looking for an explanation for the events of June 27, 2020, the presumed origin of the catastrophe is assumed to be the small town of Winden, the woman continues, "a French team of scientists believes it's possible that our world Stood Still for a fraction of a nanosecond On June 27th." so later in the season 3 finale, we find out that Claudia learned how to use that to create a second reality and go to speak with Adam and get him to send Jonas and Martha to the origin world. 

Number 24 is that Regina now lives in the house that was the Kahnwald house in Adam's world and the Nielsen's house in Eva's world, this is pretty interesting when you think about it the main character lived in this house in all three worlds.

Number 25 is the world without Winden question that Regina asks is a callback, remember she said if the world were to end today and you only had one wish what would you wish for? Katharina thinks about that and says a world without Winden let's drink to that, I mentioned that this is a

callback to teen Ulrich and Hannah's conversation at the bus stop in season 1 episode 3 in my ending explained article so check that out if you haven't read it yet and you want to know more about that conversation. 

Number 26 is that Torben and Hannah are married in the origin world her name is actually listed in the family tree as Hannah Woller, this makes you think about the comment that he made to Clausen when he said she was so pretty she could have had any man she wanted, it's a nice little easter egg to set up this relationship.

Number 27 is also related to Clausen and that's that the letter he received is almost definitely written by the Unknown, inside the letter, it said he has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret, in season 3 we hear the Unknown used that same language which actually comes from Sigmund Freud when he's talking to the older blind Tannhaus. 

The next two are both related to music the first is that the Nena song Irgendwie, Irgendwo, Irgendwann,  which we first hear in Mads' cassette recorder, and it pops up several times throughout the series is the song they closed out the last episode with, the title translates in English somehow somewhere sometime and it has a real connection to what our characters go through. 

number 31 is another music-related one and that's that the version of what a wonderful world we hear during Jonas and Martha's last scene is performed by the artist Soap & Skin, she also performs the vocal track in the song "Goodbye" by Apparat played over the opening credits, so if the voice sounded familiar you can now connect the dots.

Number 32 is about the pendant on the beach, we saw when Katharina is killed by her own mother that she takes it from her, remember her mother got it from Hannah when they were at the abortion clinic, she kept that all her life and then when she was killing her own daughter Katharina managed to pull it off, that got left on the beach and years later Jonas and Martha will find it.

Number 33 and the last one on this list is the story of the lady in the lake that was referred to in season 2, so we know Katharina traveled back in time to try to rescue her son Mikkel and her husband Ulrich, I just mentioned that she was killed by her own mother and then her body was dragged into the lake, years later when they're swimming Bartosz tells the story of the lady in the lake that a woman's body was found at the bottom of the water, what's crazy about this is that Katharina was the woman and Bartosz is telling the story to Martha her daughter to try to scare her, Magnus is also there and it's a really sad way to end Katarina's story.


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