Dark Season 3 | Things You Might Have Missed & Easter Eggs (Part 1)

I've been rewatching the final season to add to my notes, and today I have 33 details that you might have missed. I think 33 is the right number, but it's a big number, so I want to jump right in, this will be a 2 part article.

Number 1 is that everything's mirrored in alt Martha's world, I've seen a lot of people asking about why the scratch on Martha's cheek moved from side to side in different scenes, the answer is that the creators use this as a mark to indicate which world we're in, it's not just that either everything is mirrored including the interiors of the homes and the exterior of places like the cave, this leads to believe that they essentially flipped the shots after filming them, and what's crazy about that is they would have to dress the sets in reverse, think about this shot with Magnus and Martha and how all the print on the stuff in the background and his tattoos would have to be reversed to achieve the effect, in the origin world things like Martha's scratch and the part in Jonas' hair match Adam's world, and since we're on the subject of the origin world the next two items on the list pertain to that. 

Number 2 is that there's no power plant in the origin world, we can see that the smokestacks are noticeably missing, it makes sense that if the Unknown doesn't exist in the original world and therefore never forces through the paperwork, that the coal lobby would be able to block the power plant from being built. 

Number 3 three is that they use a different aspect ratio when we visit that world to set it apart, we see that the black bars above and below the image are slightly larger and the color grading seems brighter since they already used a mirror effect for Adam and Eva's worlds they needed a different visual clue to help mark where we were, there are a few subtle differences thrown in like the location of the bus stop and the different doors on the entrance to the bunker as well. 

Number 4, speaking of things that look the same but different, Dark has always done a terrific job of casting actors who resemble each other to portray characters showing up at different ages through the story, season 3 is no exception and this time they even cast some real-life father and sons, for the adult Unknown and the older version, they cast Jacob and Hans Diehl who clearly have a family resemblance, the one that really blew me away though was the character they cast to portray a teenage Peter Doppler, for this, they cast Stephan Kampwirth's real-life son Pablo Striebek for the part.

Number 5, is about another great scene in Episode two when Elizabeth and Charlotte are together in the cave, Charlotte gets up to walk away and as she goes Elizabeth tells her everything will be okay, this pair who are each other's mother then come together to comfort each other which is a callback to season 1 when they did the same thing. 

number 6 is also about Charlotte and Elisabeth because I've had a lot of questions related to these two, first, it was assumed that Claudia was the one who stole baby Charlotte away from Noah and Elisabeth, we learned in episode 7 that Adam actually sent older Charlotte and older Elisabeth to take her to Tannhaus, in his conversation with teenager Charlotte we learned a couple more things as well, he tells her about the strange woman who showed up at his door with her, he tells her on that same day his son and his wife died in a car crash with his granddaughter, and that the baby's body was never found, because of that, he was able to pass off Charlotte who was brought to him from the future as his real granddaughter, so in the scene when he tells her that she's learning for the first time that they aren't related by blood and that he has no idea who her real parents are, the story of the Doppler family keeps getting crazier.

But the couple from number 7 actually managed to outdo them. that is, of course, Martha and Jonas who we learned are the centers of the family tree knot that is Winden, Jonas and alt Martha have a child together and things get really interesting from there, their son who appears as a trio of characters at three different ages doesn't have a name so he's referred to as the Unknown after he's born he impregnates both Agnes Nielsen's in both worlds which connects everyone beyond that back to Jonas and Martha, the male line goes Jonas > Unknown > Tronte > Ulrich > Mikkel > Jonas. so if you're keeping track that makes Jonas his own great-great-great-grandfather, another interesting detail here is the couple is really the beginning and the end of things. they start the knot and then later undo it when they travel to the origin world where none of their descendants exist.

Speaking of Mr. Kahnwald number 8 is this shot of him dying in Eva's world, the way he's laying on the ground makes the family tree look like angel wings and that's interesting since Tannhaus' daughter-in-law Sonja mentions angels after Jonas and Martha stopped them from getting into the car crash, he's dying on the floor of Eva's lair.

Number 9 is the name of Evas group, Adam's world has Sic Mundus and Eva's has Erit Lux which translates to there will be light, we see this on the metal door to the passage in her world. 

Number 10 is Erit Lux's symbol which is two snakes with wings, this is called a caduceus symbol and what you might have missed is that Magnus has a tattoo of this above his sternum. 

Number 11 will stay on Eva and her lair, you might have missed that her family tree is actually wrong, it has Tronte listed as Regina's father which was the popular theory heading in season three, it turned out that Claudia and Bernd Doppler were Regina's parents and what's interesting about this is that Claudia was probably deceiving Eva since she's likely the only person who knew the truth. 

Number 12 is also related to parentage at the end of episode six when Eva is sending her travelers back to preserve the loop she tells Egon to create his past to preserve the family tree, a lot of people have been asking about this so this is my understanding, in Eva's world, Hannah is married to Ulrich and pregnant with his child at the time of the apocalypse, just before the older Egon arrives she suffers a miscarriage, we know they are still Silja's parents in both worlds but her path is different since she hasn't traveled to the 1950s, this leads me to believe that Egon will take her there to save her from the apocalypse and that will put her in place to meet the younger Egon and start their affair. 

On the subject of Silja, number 13 is the look on Bartosz's face when he hears that she wants to name their son Hanno, remember Noah aka Hanno Tauber is the one who brought Bartosz into this mess in the first place, so at this moment, he would be realizing that he was meeting with his own son, what makes it even more insane is that we know that Noah kills his own father in the opening of season two. 

Number 14 is another Silja one and it's something I didn't notice myself, Silja is wearing the same clothes she had Martha take off in the future when she arrives back in 1890 to get together with Bartosz. 

number 15 deals with that same time period, one of the biggest questions about Jonas's story was how he transformed into the stranger and then later Adam, what a revelation it is to find out just how lame that process actually was for him, we see that he's stuck in post-apocalyptic Winden after surviving the actual apocalypse, unable to go anywhere because Eva is making Claudia stall her progress on stabilizing the god particle, then he goes to do the things we saw him do in the first two seasons only to get stuck in 1888 working to build the god particle twin, what struck me the most about this was that we had been wondering how he got his trademark scarring. my takeaway after season 3 is that this is a combination of injuries we see him get burnt at one point and that makes me believe that instead of being scarred from time-traveling extensively it's actually more of death from a thousand paper cuts kind of situation. 

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