Dark Season 3 Family Trees Explained & Analyzed

The final season of Dark, Netflix original series answered most of the questions related to the four families at the center of the knot that is Winden, but due to the looping nature of some of the family relations, it's a lot to take in and keep track of. 

We did get some major revelations in how things are connected with the families in Dark and it turns out that Jonas and Martha are the centers of it all. Of course, when I say Martha I'm talking about the one from the alternate world, the Martha from seasons 1 & 2 who Jonas fell in love with only to find out she was his aunt is dead and makes no further contributions to the family trees, For that reason I'm not gonna say "alt" every time I say her name, This Martha, the one from the alternate world, is at the center of everything because she conceived a child with Jonas, Since we've all watched the season, I won't retell the story ,but in relation to the families Martha saves Jonas from the apocalypse in his world and brings him to hers, He then meets a slightly younger version of her who doesn't know anything about time travel yet and they end up sleeping together, she gets pregnant as a result and that turns out to be the beginning of all the family tree insanity, she gives birth to a character that we've been calling "the Trio" due to the fact that he appears as three characters, three versions of the same character at different points in his life - a boy, an adult,and an old man, this character explain she was never given a name and is referred to as "The Unknown" in the
credits and official show materials, The Unknown answers one of the biggest questions we've had, Agnes Nielsen was the farthest point back on the Nielsen family line and we had no idea who fathered her son, according to the official website the Unknown conceived Tronte in both worlds with Agnes, Tronte then is the father of Ulrich, who is the father of Martha, but also the grandfather of Jonas, it's an infinite cycle, a massive knot with the Unknown at the center. on-screen we don't see the Unknown and Agnes together, and we never visit the time when she was pregnant with Tronte, the explanation just says that he was conceived in both worlds by the same parents, another big question we had about Agnes and her brother Noah was who their parents were, season 3 gives us that answer and it turns out to be Silja and Bartosz Tiedemann, Bartosz of course was Jonas's high school friend that was saved by stranger Jonas at the end of season 2. he ended up in 1888 and was eventually killed by younger Noah, who turned out to be his son. In 1921, Silja was taken care of by Elisabeth Doppler in the future until she was sent back to 1890 and meets Bartosz, they become a couple and have Noah and Agnes together with Silja dying while giving birth to their daughter.

This is a good time to discuss the differences in how the family tree plays out in Adam's and Eva's worlds, in the official family tree we can see that many of the relationships still exist but we don't get to see how they played out in Eva's world, Silja and Bartosz are still Agnes parents but we never actually meet Silja in her world, Bartosz follows a much different path through time, but as far as the familytrees are concerned we end up in the same place, Silja's parentage is anotherexample of this, we learned that her parents are Hannah and Egon in Adam's world, she traveled back to 1954 and met him there, they have an affair in that  time period and she gives birth to Silja after leaving him, eventually she travels back in time where Jonas / Adam kills her and he sends Silja to the future where she grows up until we first meet her in 2052, In Eva's world it isn't clear when this happens since Hannah is married to Ulrich in the 2019 time line and Egon is a travelling member of Eva's group Erit Lux, the only time we see them together is when Egon rescues her from the apocalypse in that world, at that time Hannah was pregnant with Ulrich's child but she suffers a miscarriage right as Egon is arriving, Egon and his first wife Doris are the parents of Claudia Tiedemann. Claudia is the mother of Regina who gets cancer in both worlds, but we never knew for sure who her father was, Tronte was the most likely candidate because we knew that they had a relationship, but it turns out that Bernd Doppler was Regina's father all along, this felt someone out of the blue since there were no hints to an intimate relationship, but it turns out to be important since it means that Regina is not a direct descendant of the Jonas and Martha's line, Regina's husband Aleksander has a mysterious backstory that fans have long theorized about, he was born Boris Niewaldand, arrived in Winden with a gunshot wound carrying the pistol that will travel through time and later be used by Adam to kill Martha from his world, he used that to run off teen Katharina and Ulrich who were threatening Regina and the two form a relationship that sees them get married and give birth to Bartosz, his entrance into the story led to many theories about him being a time traveler or at least manipulated by one, but in the end it turns out he was a guy on the run, in Eva's world he tells hisson that he killed a man in Marburg, but it was an accident, he played a role in the apocalypse in both worlds as director of the power plant, but he was just a criminal who went straight after 
fleeing to Winden and meeting his wife.

Speaking of the power plant, Bernd Doppler's wife Greta expressed doubt about him being Helge's real father, in a conversation with Noah she says the boy was not born out of love leading to speculation that she may have been raped, we don't get a full explanation of the story here but the family tree does give us a name and confirms that Bernd is not Helga's father, the name is Anatol Veliev butthere's no information about this character, Helge's son Peter has also been the source of many theories because we only had a vague backstory of him arriving in Winden in 1987, season 3 explained that Helge is his father but he didn't know about him until shortly before his mother died, his mother's name was Ulla Schmidt but we don't have any other details about her life or relationship with Helge, in the end like Boris Niewald Peter's story turned out to be just what it looked like on the surface, of course he does get together with Charlotte in bothworlds and pitches in on the bootstrap paradox relationship between his wife and daughter, that they are each other's mothers was one of the big reveals in season 2 and I find it funny looking at the new family tree since it's not even really emphasized. now that we know the origin theirs is just one loop out of many, Charlotte's adopted grandfather HG Tannhaus is a character we learned a lot about in the final season, we learned that his great-grandfather Heinrich was the founder of Sic Mundus and the origin of the gold pocket watch, Heinrich initially gave the watch as a gift to his wife Charlotte who later died, he started Sic Mundus to learn how to time travel in order to try to bring her back from the dead, he passes the watch on to his son Gustav who we meet, he's the blind man who owns the factory where stranger Jonas is working on the time machine, he was killed by the Unknown as he was on his way to tell the world about the Time Traveler's he met - stranger Jonas and Martha,  the Unknown takes the watch from him and it starts its journey through time, Gustav Tannhaus' grandson HG is the clock maker we met in the first two seasons, and he turns out to be thecatalyst for everything in a third "origin" world.

I discussed all of this in my ending explained Article, but in relation to the family trees, the website does have an easter egg. if you scroll all the way through Jonas or Martha's pages the origin worlds family tree will appear. by default, you just see mirrored versions of the family tree for Adam and Eva's worlds. we learned in the closing scene of the series that some of the characters from the origin world are the same, but none of the characters that are direct descendants of Jonas and Martha through the Unknown exist. this origin world family tree shows Claudia and Bernd are married in this world making Regina's last name Doppler, we get confirmation that Hannah and Torben are married making her last name Woller, we can see that in a world without Charlotte, Peter winds up with Bernadette Woller and that even though Boris Niewald exists, it doesn't look like he ever gets together with Regina, there are other characters that we never saw on-screen, these characters parents that are in the family tree but there isn't any additional information about their lives in the origin world, we do see Katharina here, her last name is still Albers and that was one other reveal that we got in the third season that her parents were Hermann and Helene Albers, of course, we saw her mother kill her, she was the nurse at the psychiatric unit where Ulrich was living out his years, Hermann Albers was the man that Egon talked to when the sheep died back in season one, and that pretty much wraps things up. 

As mentioned the biggest reveal is that all of this starts and essentially ends with Jonas and Marta, on a bigger scale it starts with HG Tannhaus
 who like his great grandfather is obsessed with time travel because he wants to go back and save someone who died, we see this theme repeated throughout the different worlds and in a way it seems quite fitting that Jonas and Martha who would never have existed in the origin world are able to complete this process making for at least a reality where Tannhaus' family never dies and he never decides to invent the time machine, what an absolute mess and knot, it does feel great to have all the answers now. there are a couple things here. some people we don't know. they never told us who Hannah's mother was or Daniel Kahnwald's wife but in the end, they didn't turn out to be important but beyond that, we did get answers to all the big questions.


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