Captain America: The First Avenger - Movie Review (Marvel Reviews)

Captain America, one of the most anticipated movies in the summer of 2011 comes to us from the director of Jumanji and Jurassic Park 3, it stars Chris Evans as a hero we have Hugo Weaving as the main villain Red Skul,l Tommy Lee Jones, and Hayley Atwell, as well as Stanley Tucci. 

Captain America is about this little guy with a big heart is named Steve Rogers, he's played by Chris Evans, he wants to be in the army but he's a little shrimpy guy and no one really believes in him except a few people, he really just wants to fight for his country and everything, he ends up getting signed up for this program, its kind of a guinea pig for this new idea where he gets pumped filled with this chemical stuff and becomes a super soldier, through various ways he becomes known as Captain America and he has to fight against evil and this villain Red Skull played by Hugo Weaving.

This film lot of fun with Captain America, my thought is it was a great superhero film,  one of the things is really nice about this movie is the look of the film, the production value of this movie is insane and I knew it was going to be like that going in because all Joe Johnston's movies look great the production is always just state-of-the-art,  Chris Evans did a really nice job as Captain America, he bulked up, he was well prepared for the role,  I think that Hugo Weaving is so good in this movie and he is by far my favorite superhero villain of that year, the look of Chris Evans when he's a little shrimpy kid, it's perfect it is 100% convincing, red skull looks so awesome, every little facial twitch that Hugo Weaving was giving it just worked perfectly to the performance, I love the special effects in this movie, they were excellent.

One of the things I was really worried about was how are they going to get past the cheesiness of a real soldier deciding to dress up like that, they did a really good job of that, I'm not gonna go into details but they did a really good job of actually making it convincing that the guy would end up calling himself Captain America and wear the outfit and the shield and it worked, and it wasn't too patriotic, that's one of the things I really liked,  it didn't like shove that patriotic feel in your face,  also Al Silvestri score is excellent, his theme is very good and I think this is my favorite score since predator.

Some of the flaws I had in the film, it is extremely corny at times, I think it's kind of relishing the fact that they know  it's a little cheesy with the Captain America, and  it is slow at parts felt like they needed to be some more action in some scenes, also the first half of the film feels like its own movie which was very good and the second half of it  feels like a completely different movie which maybe wasn't as good as the first half but still a lot of fun, Captain America: The First Avenger is a highly recommended movie to watch


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