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This is your spoiler warning, If you haven't finished watching the entire Dark series this video won't be for you and with that out of the way let's get into it. 

So, at the end of episode 7, Adam is basically all of us, He thought he had it figured out but it turns out he was wrong, His plan to wipe out the world involves destroying alt Martha who is carrying their unborn child and the god particle in one go, Adam believes their child must be the origin of the knot because it is the origin of the time-traveller family tree, He uses the force of both apocalypses through the portal to destroy her, It's almost comical as he closes his eyes and waits there to cease to exist, He holds them closed for a bit, takes a breath, and then nope, nothing, he's still alive and his face resembles what mine probably looked like through most of the middle of this season, Claudia then arrives to explain what happened, She tells Adam that Eva used something called quantum entanglement - which is complicated, but in this situation what's important is that it  leads to the overlapping of different realities, She explains that time stands still for a second during the apocalypse which provides an opportunity for things to proceed in two different directions. 

Tannhaus from the 1970s gives us a description of this using the thought experiment of Schrodinger's cat in the beginning of episode 7, Eva exploits this by letting Martha save Jonas and bring him to their world in one reality, and having alt Bartosz stop Martha and bring her back in another, This creates the situation where Jonas and Martha are existing in two realities at the same time and ensures their child will be born in the one where Bartosz brings her back, In that way Eva always has an advantage over Adam, but all the advantage does is preserve the loop, Everything continues as it was, Claudia learned this as she was trying to figure out a way to save her daughter Regina who dies in both of their worlds, Where Jonas and Martha's son turns out to be the thing that keeps the loop continuing to happen, Claudia's daughter turns out to be the thing that is the key to stopping it, She explains that both worlds, Adam's and Eva's, should never have existed, They are the product of HG Tannhaus trying to save his family with time travel in a third world - the actual origin world, we've been talking about prime world, it turns out that neither of those are the real world, Claudia figured out that things are deterministic in the worlds we've seen as far as the outcome, things may develop differently, but no one can escape their fate, she's able to exploit that same loophole of time standing still during the apocalypse to come to Adam and tell him what he needs to do, he needs to send Jonas and Martha to the origin world so that they can stop the event that led to the creation of their worlds in the first place, Adam goes to the Kahnwald house in his world as the apocalypse is happening, Marta has already been shot, but since this is the reality where Jonas would run into the basement, there's no alt Marta coming to save him, He then explains that there is a way that Jonas can stop himself from becoming Adam, Jonas has to go to Eva's world and save Martha from the apocalypse before Magnus and Franziska do, he's able to do this in dramatic fashion grabbing her at the last second and taking her to June 21st 1986, that's the day the passage was first opened, and when Adam and Eva's worlds were created. 

As mentioned, the original world Tannhaus created a time machine trying to prevent a car crash which kills his family, in that process he splits time and that creates their worlds, Jonas tells Martha that there will be a bridge between all three worlds for a short period of time as the passage is being created, they can use that to travel to the origin world on the day of the car-crash to prevent it from happening, they're transported from the cave onto the bridge and thus there's a new parallel reality. to recap, in the first reality Martha saves Jonas and takes him into her world, in the second Bartosz stops her from saving him and he goes into the basement, and in this reality, Adam intervenes and they travel to the origin world, In one reality Jonas is killed when he's still a young man and the other Martha is killed when she's pregnant with their son, in the third they work together and they go to the origin world, the bridge sort of looks like walking through space and they get separated at first, in that time they see childhood versions of each other who can also see them, it's an interesting way to show their connection in that each of the child's parents can't see what they see. after that they come back together and are able to make it into the origin world, they transport right in front of the car which then has to stop, they talk Tannhaus' son into turning around which stops the crash from happening, even though we didn't spend much time in the origin world I thought they did a pretty good job of setting things up with the family, there's tension but all the son really needs is a push to go back the other way and we could tell that Tannhaus would have felt terrible about it if that's the way it ended because he kind of wants to say something and he can't find the words, so I think that part makes sense, after talking to Jonas and Martha the family does return to Tannhaus' shop, he never needs to make the time machine so the two worlds we've seen, Adam's and Eva's Windens, are never created, technically they don't really die, they cease to exist, since they never existed in Tannhaus' world in the first place since time travel is never developed, they just don't exist anywhere anymore. before that happens they tell each other that they saw their childhood versions when they were on the bridge, they think about what that might mean because they really don't know what's gonna happen after they fix things. Martha says, "Do you think any of us could remain, or is that what we are, a dream? we never really existed?" Jonas has no idea what's going to happen either but it's fitting that he tells her the same thing he told her on the beach the last time he thought he was going to be erased from existence, "We're a perfect match. Never believe anything else." they hold hands while they start to disappear and we see Adam and Eva do the same in the Erit Lux room - her lair, we see stranger Jonas disappear holding the pendant, stranger Martha in the bunker in the desert, and I think it largely works.

Everything comes full circle, that isn't the end of the episode though, we get a glimpse of the original world in what would be present-da,. there's a dinner party going on, in attendance, we have familiar characters whose family names could very well be different. we see Katharina, Peter, Bernadette AKA Benni, Regina, Torben who is getting over an eye injury, and a pregnant Hannah. at first glance this is an interesting bunch and it's fascinating when it hits you that these are all people who were not caught up in the looping parts of the family tree that existed because of time travel, we can guess the characters like Ulrich, Charlotte, Elisabeth, and so on would never be born in the origin world, it seems like Claudia was right to think Regina wouldn't get cancer in this world as well, and we get one more fake-out in finding out about Torben's eye injury just to rub it in a bit, Woller and Hannah look to be a couple and we see the lights flicker and go out as everyone's talking, just in time to interrupt the explanation for what happened to his eye. it's not clear what's going on with the lights going out, I mean in the other worlds this was a sign that someone was travelling, it's possible that this is related to Martha and Jonas's transit into this world, but they leave us to guess about that, this hits Hannah the hardest as she stares at a yellow raincoat in the hall right after it happens, she writes it off as a deja vu at first but then tells the others that this is exactly what she dreamt last night, in that she says the lights were flickering there was a loud bang and then suddenly everything was dark and somehow the world had ended, she goes on to explain that this somehow felt like a good thing for things to be over, it all sounds a lot like what happened to Jonas and Martha and their worlds, in this world Regina owns the house that was the Kahnwald house in Adam's world and the Nielson house and Eva's, we see a picture on the wall that shows us that Claudia married Bernd Doppler in this world and they look like a happy and loving family in the picture.

 I was a little surprised when I went and checked the family tree on the official website to learn that Bernd was Regina's father in all of the worlds, this wasn't really a theory since they didn't set him up as a candidate, it turns out to be important though since if Tronte would have been her father she would have been connected to the heart of the looping family tree, finding out that he wasn't makes her existence in this world make sense, this makes Claudia's motivation to save her work and as mentioned before in a way makes her the key to figuring things out, Regina poses a question to the others, "if the world were to end today and you had one wish, what would you wish for?" Katharina answers a world without Winden and as they toast that world without Winden the lights come back on, Peter remarks that it looks like Winden doesn't want to just disappear and that makes us wonder how everything might be connected, this is all a callback to a conversation that teenage Ulrich and Hannah had at the bus stop in season 1 episode 3, the wording is slightly different but teen Hannah asked him what he would wish for and he says a world without Winden, this is cool because it connects the ending of the show to the beginning and we can ponder how these realities all influence each other, you could say that even though the giant knot of endless pain, suffering, and loss that was the world's we knew has been destroyed there are still connections under the surface, we also get a thread of hope to weave in there when Katharina asked Hannah if she already has a name picked out for her unborn child, Hannah responds that she thinks Jonas is a beautiful name, this could mean that a new version of Jonas might exist in this world where things will be very different, so we get an ending to the suffering and we get some hope, the worlds we knew no longer exists but everything still seems to be connected, and that's where things are left.

There were a ton of answers to questions along the way as well, we find out that the trio are called the Unknown and he is the author of the trinity knot notebook, they're almost always together but we see them split up to set the accident at the power plant in motion On June 21st 1986 in both worlds, this is responsible for the yellow barrels and the god particle / apocalypses in both worlds, that date is also the same date that Tannhaus opened the portal for the first time in the origin world, the Unknown is the origin of all the family tree craziness that we pored over for the last couple of years in Winden, he is Jonas and Martha's son and the father of Tronte with Agnes in both worlds, Tronte is Ulrich's father, Ulrich is Martha's father and Jonas's grandfather, everything really is connected, Silja was Egon and Hannah's child, she got together with Bartosz and they conceived Noah and Agnes, so that answers the question of who their parents were, it turns out that Peter was just a guy whose mother died and that Boris Niewald came to Winden on the run from what happened in Marburg basically just like how they told us he did, no time-travel trickery for those two, if nothing else this story and ending were well thought out, planned, and executed, there's a good balance of answering the pressing issues while leaving something to the imagination, the music cinematography direction and acting are all top-of-the-line, this is consistent with previous seasons and I think it's worth mentioning that Louis Hoffmann and Lisa Vicari both took it up a notch and did a terrific job of carrying us to the end, I'm sure this ending won't satisfy everyone but I'm liking it more and more as I sit with it and am definitely looking forward to going back to rewatch without the pressure of having to keep track of everything .

Season 3 was incredibly complex but I didn't find it that difficult to keep track of where or when or what world we were in, I've spent a lot of time digging deep into the show though so I'm not sure how this is for a less obsessed viewer, there were a couple of situations that threw me for a loop though, the Tannhaus origin world certainly but also when stranger Jonas didn't know alt Martha when she arrived in 1888, that was such a revelation that it was almost distracting in those first few episodes, to the writer's credit though they did go back and explain those things in a reasonable amount of time so it didn't actually ruin the experience and I think that's as good as any place to bring this to a close. 


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