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Dark Season 3 Ending Explained | Dark Netflix Review

This is your spoiler warning, If you haven't finished watching the entire Dark series this video won't be for you and with that out of the way let's get into it.  So, at the end of episode 7, Adam is basically all of us, He thought he had it figured out but it turns out he was wrong, His plan to wipe out the world involves destroying alt Martha who is carrying their unborn child and the god particle in one go, Adam believes their child must be the origin of the knot because it is the origin of the time-traveller family tree, He uses the force of both apocalypses through the portal to destroy her, It's almost comical as he closes his eyes and waits there to cease to exist, He holds them closed for a bit, takes a breath, and then nope, nothing, he's still alive and his face resembles what mine probably looked like through most of the middle of this season, Claudia then arrives to explain what happened, She tells Adam that Eva used something called quantum entanglement