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Weathering with You - Movie Review

Weathering with You is the new film from Makoto Shinkai, the director of the highly successful film Your Name,  the film is about a  high school boy who has moved to Tokyo, make friends with a girl who have the ability to manipulate the weather, both have no revenue, so they decide to invest in that ability with people exchanging money for her prayers for rain, and of course a lot of people really want that good weather, so they started a business, and as expected this thin going on here starts causing complications in their relationship.

With Your Name, the director  Shinkai entered into the level of favorite anime directors of all time, the anticipation for the movie was high, so I was looking forward to see it and this is once again a gorgeous anime film, most shots are filled with such great details, even brand names are exactly the same look as it is in real life.
Movie is about Morishima Hodaka, a boy that moved to Tokyo hating his former life and he's trying to find a new wave, so the movie is trying to make you feel sympathtic for the characters, and I really liked this movie although it is not even close to be great as your name was, which for some fans, it wouldnt be a fair comparison, but since it's his last movie it's gonna happen, this movie is a disappointment to me in that regard, it certainly doesn't have the raw drama of that movie unfortunately, this movie in a way is a copy and paste of the body work of your name, so if you like your name , I guess you'll probably really love this, that was a big disappointment though, I was sad to see that the structure was essentially copied for someone who made something that felt so original and vital in your name, but Weathering with You felt sort of like an attempt to recreate that success without trying anything new, I can't get into spoilers but you can almost break it down to scene structure, and it's not that your name was the first time market of Shinkai ever made a movie about star-crossed lovers, he's been doing that for a long time, it's just that the film was so special,  with it those are the Heighest expectation from Shinkai

Weathering with You is a very good movie with beautiful animation and characters that are sympathetic, that you'll probably enjoy watching, but since it's another film so similar to your name and it's nowhere near as good as that, it can't help but be a little disappointing, and it's honestly a little weird for me to say that because I liked watching this movie and everything about it is really good, but it's going to suffer from those comparisons, this movie's greatest strengths lie in the fact that it is so beautifully rendered, it's just unfortunate that it's going to suffer from those comparisons to your name, and I wish that he had done something more original this time around instead of essentially trying to recreate that same success. 


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