Sonic the Hedgehog - Movie Review

Sonic The Hedgehog directed by first-timer Jeff Fowler, starring Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic, as you know Sonic the Hedgehog is a beloved Sega character, he's basically Sega's Mario and in this film, Sonic is residing in the small town of Green Hills, where James Marsden is a police officer and when the government discovers Sonic, they deployed Dr. Robotnik played by Carrie, to track him down. 

I think everyone that talks about movies at some point, has referenced how terrible the first character design was, this is a rather unprecedented event, so a lot of fans showed a decline in how bad the character design was, and they actually fixed it.

I hoped that the film would at least present Sonic in a good light, have it actually be like him in the movie and gratefully he is, I don't see any Sonic fans leaving this movie disappointed with the portray of the character, I think that Sonic in the movie was great, the voice over for him is actually good too and I liked his interplay with James Marsden, it was actually kind of sweet, by no means is this a great movie, but I think as a sonic movie, it's about as good as I could expect it to be, I feel kind of about this the same way I felt about the detective Pikachu movie, I went into that film knowing pretty much what I was going to get and I got it, and it was made well and they seemed to honor the character at least in that form of Pikachu, and this film is exactly that, it's pretty much what I was expecting, there's not a lot of surprises, but I had fun along the way.

If I were to really start over analyzing this movie the way I see other films that are made for adults only, I think that would be rather without point, this film is made for the youngs while also making the family have a good time as well and it does that, but the film doesn't pander to kids either, it doesn't treat kids like they're stupid, you can tell they actually cared, especially since they spent all that money and time to redesign Sonic portryal after they realized that fans didn't like it, that shows you that there is a level of dedication to making sure that fans are pleased and Jeff Fowler the director was trying to make a competent film, but this did not feels like a cash-cow movie, it doesn't seems like they're using Sonic  just profit on his popularity, they did try to make an entertaining movie the kids and adults can enjoy, now at the same time I've not shied away from criticizing kids movies before, and as I said, no surprises at all, it does feel like they cared while making it, it feels like they were trying to make a film that people could genuinely have a love for, and I could see a lot of young kids really enjoying this movie and having fond memories when they get older thinking about seeing it for the first time.

Jim Carrey, I have to talk about that man, I have loved him forever ever since good old Ace Ventura, this feels like 90s Jim Carrey, he's having a blast in this movie as dr. Robotnik and if you look at his character and say wow, he's really over the top, it was really nice to see Jim Carrey just being manic and crazy in this film, that was a really nice thing to see.
James Marsden is pretty good, he plays his role great, I actually had no problem with any of the live characters, which is weird because usually, when you have a film with a character like Sonic, human characters rarely deliver a huge act, but with Jim Carrey when he maintains that insanity throughout his entire performance and so he never was that annoying villain they cut back to, he was enjoyable to watch and the movie is fairly sonic centered, so it didn't really feel like the humans were overshadowing him incertain ways.

Let's talk about some negatives though, because there are certainly some, for one if you don't care about Sonic, if you've never played any of the Sonic games, if you have no connection to this character emotionally whatsoever, you're probably not going to like this movie as much as if you were a fan, but I think that's pretty self-explanatory, so naturally I'm probably going to like this movie more than you if you don't care about Sonic, in that case, you probably wouldn't really see the movie anyway, so I don't really think that necessarily applies, the movie has a lot of cliches and tropes, there are storylines that are forgotten entirely, for one James Marsden's character is suddenly seen as a domestic terrorist, when he goes on the lam with Sonic, this is on the news, it's like a big thing and yet he's able to go into buildings and walk in public and nobody sees him, nobody's after him except for dr. Robotnik, who seems to have complete control to do whatever he wants,  and it's kind of hilarious if you really start to think about what's happening, the resolution for the domestic terrorism thing you know, without getting into spoilers is laughable, they literally treat it kind of like a joke.

Look it's really easy to poke holes in this movie if you really wanted to, there are certain things as I've just mentioned that you know kind of made me roll my eyes, but I think the movie did its job, it's going to please Sonic fans.


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