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In Dark everything is connected since time travel is the thing, we move through multiple timelines which can make following what's happening when very complicated, this two-part article will cover everything we've seen through seasons 1 & 2 so far and if you haven't watched the second season yet it will contain massive spoilers.

With that out of the way, let's jump right in because there's a lot to cover, the oldest thing we've seen in Dark so far is the photo of the group Sic Mundus Creatus Est, which we know was taken on January 8th, 1921 according to the back of the photo, it shows Adam, older Noah, adult Agnes Nielsen, and older Magnus Nielsen which have all been named so far on screen, also it has who we presume are older Franziska and older Bartosz to either side of Magnus, which haven't been named but we know they all travel together with the stranger aged Jonas at the end of season 2, there are six more unidentified people in the photo, one of them could be Erna, but beyond that, we don't know who they are and there's a lot of speculation, but we won't really know until we know. 

1921 : 

The first date we actually see is June 21st 192,1 on that day we meet young Noah with the character who is possibly older Bartosz, they're digging the passage in the caves and then we see Noah kill the other man because he has lost faith, on the same day we see Adam order older Noah to find the missing pages of the notebook, on June 23rd of that year two days later, young Jonas arrives from 2053, he's taken to Erna's house which is like a boarding house and meets young Agnes and young Noah, on June 24th older Noah lies  to Adam about finding the pages from the notebook, young Jonas wakes up at Erna's and goes to the caves only to find that they aren't completed yet, young Noah tells him they won't be completed for 32 more years, back at the church later, both Noah's take him to meet Adam, who explains that he is actually the older version of Jonah, on June 25th 1921 the next day Jonas talks with Adam again, Adam explains that the group Sic Mundus is fighting a war against God which is time itself, Adam shows young Jonas the machine that they have built in the 1921 timeline and explains that it can transport him to the exact day he needs to get to, the day before his father commits suicide, we see Jonas leave for 2019 then later in that same day we see that Adam has the st. Christopher medallion and older Magnus asks why he didn't tell young Jonas the truth about his role in their plan, two days later on June 27th, we see older Noah talking to his younger self about why he needs to travel and then we see younger Noah leave for 2020, older Noah shows Adam that he did find the missing notebook pages and accuses him of lying to him and using him, he tries to kill Adam but he can't then Agnes "his sister" arrives and kills older Noah instead, after that the older Magnus and presumed older Franziska send Adam to 2020 through the machine, that marks the end of what we've seen in the 1921 period. 

1953 :

The next year we spend time in is 1953 on November 5th, Erik's dead body arrives in the bunker after being sent there through the chair from 1986, the middle-aged or the adult aged Helge removes the body. 4 days later on November 9th, he removes Yacine's body that ended up there as well and the day after that on November 10th, the two boys bodies are discovered at the construction site for the nuclear plant, this is the same day that adult Ulrich travels from 2019, he sees Agnes and young Tronte as they are moving to Winden, we see them arrive at the Tiedemann's to rent a room, later Gretchen "young Claudia's dog" disappears into the caves, Ulrich visits Tannhaus' shop and leaves his jacket and phone there, he overhears that there have been two bodies found at the construction site, he goes and finds younger Helge and tries to kill him leaving what he thinks is his dead body behind in the bunker.

The next day November 11th, Ulrich is arrested by Egon Tiedemann and he does that because he thinks he killed the two boys, young Helge wakes up inside the bunker, older Claudia visits younger HG Tannhaus telling him to build the time machine so things can be set straight.

The following day November 12th, younger Helge sees the time portal open and travels to 1986 through it, this is the last thing we see in 1953, after that there are a few days we spend in 1954 On June 22nd, older Claudia buries the time machine so that her younger self will be able to find it, later the next day on June 23rd, younger Helge returns to the Doppler family home, he doesn't speak to his mother so later she asks older Noah to help, he asks Helge to read a passage and he does, younger Claudia walks in on her mother Doris and Agnes together and later asked younger Tronte to pull down his pants for her, older Claudia gives Agnes a newspaper article that talks about her murder and tells her to go to older Noah, Agnes tells him that older Claudia has the missing notebook pages and tells him to ask Adam if she can rejoin sic Mundus, Egon goes to visit Ulrich in his cell because Helge has returned home and then he gets a visit from older Claudia who apologizes to him in his office, he doesn't understand who she is and why she's there, older Claudia then visits younger Doctor house, gives him his book a journey through time and tells him that he will have to explain the time machine to her one day, later older Noah finds older Claudia and kills her after she tells him that everything Adam tells him is a lie, he recovers the missing pages from the Triquetra notebook pages from her and is clearly upset by what they say, we don't see what they contain but there's something about his daughter Charlotte in them and we see that he's upset.

Three days later on June 26th, Egon looks at older Claudia's body thinking that she is probably Ulrich's accomplice in Helge's kidnapping, he goes to ask younger Helge about her and he hears the term "white devil", later that same day Hannah arrives from 2020, she goes looking for Ulrich and that has her cross paths with Egon, they go to the psychiatric hospital where she ultimately decides to leave Ulrich because she thinks he still favors Katarina and her family over her, after seeing him she appears to decide to stay in 1954 and there's also a hint of her coming on to Egon in his office.


We leave the 1950s and head to 1986, some of the things we learn about in 1986, we don't know exactly when they happen because we see them in flashbacks, for example, we learned that Tronte and Claudia had been having an affair, we know that at some point older Noah arrives to become the new priest, and that sometime during the summer the power plant has an accident.
On October 9th, the adult Helge kidnaps Mads Nielson, nearly a month later on November 4th Helge travels to 2019 through the cave on the same day Mads is sent to 2019 using the chair but it kills him and he arrives dead.
The next day November 5th, Mikkel arrives from 2019 through the cave, he ends up in the hospital after looking for his family, Egon investigates 33 dead sheep, Charlotte finds a dead bird, older Bernd shows Claudia the hidden radioactive waste that she is about to take over his position running the power plant, Helge gives her a copy of a journey through time as a present for her new position and we see the author Tannhaus working on the time machine in his shop, on the same day, Erik is sent to 1953 using the chair but he doesn't survive the journey either.
On November 7th, teenage Ulrich is arrested because Hannah made the false claim that he raped Katarina to the police, stranger Jonas arrives from 2019 to talk to Tannhaus about time and fixing the time machine, the next day November 8th, younger Jonas arrives from 2019 through the cave and on November 9th, he goes back to 2019 without bringing Mikkel with him, on that same day we see Mikkel and young Hannah meet each other at the hospital and that's also the same day that Yacine is transported to 1953 by using the chair, of course, he also dies in that process.

Two days later on November 11th, Boris Niewald arrives in Winden and takes on the identity of Alexander Koehler as he's running away from possibly committing two murders in Marburgh, younger Hannah sees him dispose of the real passport and his gun, she goes and takes those and keeps them and holds on to them throughout the rest of the timeline, younger Hannah also tells younger Katarina that she thinks that Regina was probably the false witness for the rape which Katarina takes on to be the truth because there's no evidence, the younger Ulrich is released from prison, we see him reunited with Katarina and we see them causing problems for Regina, then younger Aleksander comes in to her rescue, on that same day we see Claudia find Gretchen, they're reunited and Gretchen had just arrived from 1953, Helge goes to older Noah cause he doesn't want to continue with murdering people, but at the same time he doesn't leave, at the cabin we see him hide from older Egon who's coming there to interview him.
On November 12th, Claudia hires younger Aleksander to work at the power plant, he welds the door between the power plant and the cave shut, stranger Jonas turns to Tannhaus shop and picks up the finished time machine, older Helge confronts his younger self and asked him to stop working for older Noah but Helge doesn't listen to himself, Enes Kunwald adopts Mikkel, younger Jonas arrives again to save Mikkel and bring him back but he ends up getting kidnapped by Helge and older Noah, we see the older Jonas the stranger aged one visit his younger self in the bunker and tell him who he is, tells him he's the older version of himself and explains why he can't let him out of the bunker, that night older Helge tries to kill his younger self in a car accident but his younger self lives and the older version dies, stranger Jonas attempts to destroy the wormhole but only closes the passage in the caves, at that point the time portal opens over windin, younger Helge and Jonas touch each other's hands through it and that brings younger Helge to 1986 and sends younger Jonas to 2052.

In 1987, On June 22nd, older Claudia visits her younger self at her office at the power plant and tells her who she is, she shows her The Time Machine and the caves and tells her that she has to stop Adam, we see older Noah and Mikkel meet outside of the caves, older Egon visits Helge at the psychiatric hospital and asked him about Mads disappearance and why he didn't show up for the interview, he also visits older Ulrich in the psych ward for the first time but he doesn't have any idea of who he is, Hannah and Jonas arrived, they travel with the Machine and they see Ines and Mikkel together at the house and later on that same day Claudia digs up the time machine that her older version had buried for her in the yard.

On the next day, June 23rd, older Noah successfully transports younger Helge to 1953 using the chair, Claudia goes to visit Helge and ask him why he gave her the book "a journey through time", he tells her to never trust Noah, older Egon goes back to visit Ulrich but at this time he tells him that he is actually older Nielson, Claudia goes and visits Tannhaus who explains the bootstrap paradox and how his book traveled to him from the future before he wrote it, older Egon tries to go and talk to Mikkel about his parents but Ines won't let him, Egon then goes to visit Claudia at her office and tells her about his cancer, after that he returns with Mikkel's photo and shows that to Ulrich and Ulrich attacks him in the process, Claudia travels to 2020 using the machine and then returns back on the same day.

The next day on June 25th, Claudia asks her father to move in with them, she's trying to avoid his death, she meets with Bernd and he gives her the information about the god particle, she takes a sample of that and gives it to him to analyze it, we see Ines at the hospital stealing medication that she's using to drug Mikkel, old Ulrich breaks out of the hospital and meets with Mikkel, tries to take him to the cave in hopes of taking him back to 2020, Ines ends up calling older Egon and asked for help, older Egon and the police end up stopping Ulrich from being able to take Mikkel through the caves and they arrest him again and take him back to the psychiatric hospital, Magnus, Franziska, Martha, and Bartosz with younger Elisabeth all arrived from 2020, from the back of the police car old Ulrich sees them by the bus stop, but he's unable to talk to them and then later that same day they all returned to 2020.

On June 26 Claudia starts to record herself discussing what she's learned about the development at the plant with the god particle, she ends up going to Egon's first chemo session with him and tells her that he's starting to realize that time travels is real, he explains what's going on with Ulrich and Mikkel and the caves, he wants to act on this information, he wants to call the police and Claudia tries to get him to stop talking about it, they end up having an argument, he falls and hits his head, Claudia is about to call the paramedics but she decides not to change anything thinking that she needs to make this sacrifice because that's the way things are supposed to go and that this will ultimately save Regina, younger Jonas after spending what is about a year learning from older Claudia arrives at Claudia's house and says that she has to come with him immediately.

On the next day June 27th, we see younger Jonas and Claudia, they go to the caves and get a sample of the waste, both of them then used the time machine to reopen the passage and leave together for 2020.


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