IT - Movie Review

IT is the film adaptation of Stephen King's famous book we already had a 1990 miniseries, starring Tim Curry based off of that book and now we get to see it in theaters, here we have a bunch of kids who are part of the Losers Club, a group of nerdy kids who band all together in Derry Maine to fight  Pennywise the clown, a demonic creature that feeds off the fear.

The movie does justice to the greatest strengths of the novel and wisely omits parts of the novel that didn't work, my biggest discrepancy with the novel was Beverly marshes decision to please all of her young friends, if you've red the book, you know what I'm talking about, that was just a WTF moment that didn't really work for me, it wasn't in the miniseries, but what didn't work for me about that miniseries was the adult aspect of it, when you got to see them as adults coming back to Derry Maine, this film just focuses on them in their young lives dealing with the things they're most afraid of, it wisely doesn't spend too much time with each character unless it has something directly to do with their fear, you don't really learn much about their home lives unless their home lives is integral to learning about what they're afraid of, this is important for the Beverley character in particular, because her home life is awful and so we get to see a lot more of that, but with each kid, they just focus on whatever they're most afraid of, whether it's germs or the way they're inside, the way their brother died,  they try to find the things that scare them the most, whatever smells like the most tasty bait for Pennywise, because that's what draws him in, that's what draws him out of the shadows.

The kids in this movie and the performance was phenomenal, it's always kind of hard and a little awkward to hate on kids performing in movies, but gratefully I don't have to, they're all really strong since there are a bunch of kids that have deemed themselves the losers Club, there's a very underdog feel to them, since there are a bunch of kids who are fighting against something that they can't control and they don't fully understand it, reminded me of the kids in E.T, when they fought against the government or the kids in Stranger Things when they fought against the government also, but here they're trying to go up against something that no one else will believe because when you're a kid, you often feel like the whole world is out to get you and no adult is going to believe you if you were to tell them, "I just saw a murderous demonic clown in my kitchen sink can you please help me", and to top it off, the clown won't show himself to people unless he wants to be seen, that makes it even harder for them to get any outside help, so they are very much so on their own,  that really gives the film an underdog team spirit and all of the actors did an amazing job.

But it all really does come down to that clown doesn't it, whether or not Pennywise really works in the movie, is he unintentionally hilarious or is he terrifying?
Bill skarsgård as penny wise is very scary here, I haven't seen a film that really truly terrified me in many years, but I have seen a lot of very suspenseful and enjoyable films, this film is a very creepy, haunted house like experience, where it feels like things are going to pop out of you every other scene, there are very few doll scenes, we go from kids seeing horrific stuff to more kids seeing horrific stuff and there's never really a moment to breathe, you get your scenes where kids are sitting down talking, but it's always about the plot, it's always about this clown and he really does work, Bill Skarsgård is excellent, he really pulled it off, the makeup and the CGI work that has been done to create Pennywise really brought him into the year 2017, I didn't find it funny at all, in fact I was smiling quite often at how off-putting he was, his voice, the way they edited around his body, they also found compelling ways to make the CGI seamless enough to where you cant notice it.

Good performances, good creepy villain, really fun characters, the best part of the book and the miniseries, in my opinion, were the kids and this whole film is focused on them, this is a  good Stephen King adaptation, I had a blast with, it please do check.


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