Deadpool - Movie Review

Deadpool directed by Tim Miller starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool / Wayde Wilson, this is a revenge story and a love story, it's about how Wade Wilson became the Merc with the mouth Deadpool as we know him, there's a revenge aspect about finding someone he has a serious grudge against and it's also a love story with the girl named Vanessa that he meets, that changes his life.

I don't know a lot about Deadpool the character, but I know enough and I didn't know what to think going into this movie, because we've already seen Ryan Reynolds portrayed this character once in x-men origins Wolverine and oh god that was awful, it's also coming out in February and that's not the cinematic wasteland of January but it is close, it's a first time director so I had no idea what to think going into Deadpool, I was blown away by this movie in every way, this movie was great, I loved every minute of this movie, this is coming from somebody who admires Deadpool and who has liked him in some of the animated stuff I've seen him in, but doesn't know that much about Deadpool as a character, now I just want to read everything there is to know about this character, this movie surprised me in so many ways.

Now let's talk about this, because it's really easy to see a comic book film today and just be like " oh my god that was so much fun, there was so much action, so much cool stuff and I loved every second of seeing him punch things real hard", that's actually not what I love the most about Deadpool, what I love the most about it was the script, the script is great, it's extremely funny, this is one of the funniest movies I've seen in years, they had no qualms about being incredibly crude and it's all the better for it, you want to see Deadpool being like that and you want to see him saying things that you are thinking, but you just don't say and he says them, but the best aspect of this script and really the entire film is the timing, which it came out in relation to all of the superhero saturation that we're getting lately, because we like comic-book movies, they're fun, it's exciting to see some of our childhood heroes on screen duking it out with some of our childhood villains, but look even the most hardcore comic book fan can tell you that right now we're oversaturated, I mean everything is a superhero movie every other month, there's a new superhero movie and they're all very similar and some of them are really good and some bad, Deadpool knows what world it's in, it exists in today's world and it's fully aware of it, self-aware in every way, self referential constantly, he will look at the screen and break the fourth wall to tell us something that we're already thinking about today's state of comic book films, it was beautiful, I loved it, this movie is also very aware of the past failings of this character and of Ryan Reynolds as an actor, this is scene just from the amazing opening titles which I won't spoil, but once you see them, you're gonna love it.

Let's talk about how the film is directed, it is extremely fast-paced, there is not a single dull moment in Deadpool, I was looking for one about halfway through this movie I was like I haven't disliked a single thing yet, the action is directed extremely well, there's no shaky cam, there is not an overabundance of cuts, everything looks great and clear, when there is CGI it's incorporated very well into the movie, like with the character Colossus, what I love about CGI when you use it as a tool, not as your entire film, it will really help your movie and Deadpool's the perfect example of that.

About the love story, this is where the film could really falter, it could get sappy, you could feel like you weren't invested enough, or you weren't carrying enough, the way they handled the love story was equally as crude as everything else, I loved everything about this movie, this movie surprised me, the action was extremely well handled, the acting was good, the score and soundtrack choices were also extremely good, CGI was well incorporated into in camerawork, it was very self-referential, it was hilariously funny and crude and fast-paced and absolutely relentless as an entertaining film, Bryan Reynolds knocked it out of the park as the character, he showed honor to that character as did the writer and director, 


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