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How the apocalypse happened in Winden at the end of Dark’s second season? I will recount the big revelations that we got in the the season, The first was that Noah isn't the big bad in the story, he follows a man named adam who is the leader of a group called Sic Mundus, we learn that Adam is actually Jonas, the oldest version of him that we've met, this means that there are two major factions in the story led by Adam and Claudia, this is all fairly complicated considering that alliances change throughout time, Adam and Sic Mundus's goal appears to be to destroy the world, but he tells people he's in a war with god which is time, Claudia wants to stop Adam, she sells that as wanting to save the world and there's a component of changing small details of things which will lead to a different outcome, another big revelation was that  Elisabeth and Noah are Charlotte's parents, this means that Charlotte is both the daughter and the mother of Elisabeth which makes for a paradoxical family tree, as far as time travel is concerned there were no major changes in how things work, based on what's observable Dark appears to be occurring in a deterministic system where nothing can be changed despite what some of the characters say or try to do, Tannhaus does introduce the idea of a bootstrap paradox, very simply this explains how something can cause its own existence by being sent back in time, it exists in a cause and effect loop with no point of creation, he uses his book as an example which he wrote after reading a copy that Claudia gave him from the future, So what happened at the ending of Dark season 2? 

The final episode opened in 2053 where the older Elisabeth is preparing for the day of the apocalypse, she looks at photos of her daughter and mother Charlotte from when she was a baby, Elisabeth is the leader of the survivors in the contaminated restricted zone around the nuclear power plant, they are followers of a prophecy related to Sic Mundus and are waiting for the passage to reopen on this day, in 2020 stranger Jonas grabs the gun Boris Niewald brought with him to Winden from the box that Hannah kept it in, he also looks at the spot on the floor where his younger self will see Martha die later, the gun he's grabbing is the same gun that will be used to kill her so this is a really nice touch that shows he has experienced her death before, he echoes this to her when he goes to her house saying, "I saw you die once. I won't let that happen again." when she won't come along with him he uses the same gun to force her into the bunker, he's trying to keep her safe from the apocalypse, at this point he should know that she's not going to stay there but he still has to try, Katharina arrives at the Kahnwald house with the time machine and finds Michael's map of the caves and the hand lamp, she runs into stranger Jonas when he returns who now believes he can't change the fact that he'll become Adam, but believes he might be able to stop him. at the caves young Jonas is with middle Claudia not long after she watched her father Egon die, in their conversations we see how he is under the influence of older Claudia and how that drives his decisions, it's interesting that he's guided by this idea of trying to change small things that will produce a different outcome all the way up until the time he closes the portal in the season one finale, Jonas activates the machine in the tunnel and that reopens the passage, the other characters around then then all notice that something is happening, Katharina asks stranger Jonas what it is and he explains that the passage in the caves is being reopened, she sees this as an opportunity to try to find Mikkel and leaves the house with Michael's map to try to travel through the passage, she leaves the time machine that she was carrying there, after they opened the passage Jonas tells middle Claudia he's going to find his mother and Martha and for her to go find Regina and take her to the bunker, Peter and Elisabeth Doppler go to the bunker as well and when they open the door Martha escapes, in 1921 Noah confronts and tries to kill Adam, Adam says they can't escape their fates and says that it's not Noah's fate to kill him on that day, when Noah presents the missing pages from the notebook he says you're not waging war against god you're  waging it against humankind, Adam isn't worried because he believes it's not his fate to die and watches as the gun jams on Noah making it impossible for him to kill him, Adam's belief is that this knot, this world we've been introduced to with Jonas at its center, can only be undone by destroying it completely, this seems to support Noah's belief that Adam is waging war against humanity, Noah won't be around to see how it plays out though because Agnes enters the room and kills him, unlike her brother she is able to use the gun and shoots him with Adam's approval, older Noah's story ends there and we see his younger self arrive in 2020 in the next shot, he arrives at the Kahnwald house with the letter for stranger Jonas and he says it's from Martha based on what we've seen this can't be from the original Martha so we're left to wonder if Adam wrote it or if it was written by alt-Martha who we'll meet later, he looks emotional and seems shocked by what he reads and takes off with the time machine after Noah tells him that he has to save Magnus, Bartosz, and Franziska, we don't know what the letter says, but the mention of saving Agnes and Noah later is interesting, thinking of what Jonas cares about, we could speculate that Magnus and Franziska need to be saved in order to produce a child that would be important for the rest of the family trees, if that child was Agnes then the Martha he fell in love with wouldn't exist, unless she's born since she's the farthest point back on the Nielsen line that we know of, none of that is confirmed and i didn't like this theory at all when i first heard it, but there is some sense to it and it would explain what was inside that letter that made him change his mind about trying to kill Adam.

In the lead-up to the event at the power plant, Katharina enters the caves, older Elisabeth enters the dead zone in 2053 to activate the god particle machine  there, Adam gets ready and then travels to 2020 and then later we see his machine being activated again, charlotte arrives at the power plant just as Clausen is discovering the barrels and young jonas arrives at his house just before Martha arrives, they have a heartfelt reunion and kiss passionately until they're interrupted by adam's arrival, adam then kills martha telling jonas he will carry that pain with him for the rest of his life until he's ready to let go of her, her death is necessary to jonas's transformation into adam and adam needs the apocalypse to happen so that he can use the dark matter to destroy the knot, and it does happen and i described it in greater detail in my season 2 recap, the quick explanation is that Clausen opening the barrels leads to a portal opening up connecting 2020 to 2053, elisabeth and charlotte see each other through it and they touch hands just before Winden is destroyed.

Reflecting on the ending, one of the things i find most fascinating is the convergence of all three jonas's at the same place in the finale, and what their motivations are at different points in the same life, remember jonas just spent a year with the older claudia where he essentially joined her side with the intention of changing things, what they did during that year is still a mystery but he tells middle claudia that their goal is to make it so none of this happens, he had already turned away from adam after his first trip to 1921 because of the deception over the suicide and i feel pretty confident in saying that watching martha die at adam's hand probably didn't change things, just a few months earlier during the season 1 timeline, stranger jonas tried to close the portal with the machine hoping that changes he made might have made a difference, it didn't work and in the process he came to the realization that he couldn't change anything, he changed his focus to killing adam rather than trying to alter what's already happened, when he receives the letter he realizes that he has to save magnus bartosz and franziska and that leads him to travel to the past where he will inevitably become adam by killing martha, adam ensures that his younger self is on the path to become the stranger and then eventually him, the apocalypse happening sets up the rest of his plan, the final thing that happens in the season is that young jonas is saved by an alternate version of martha, who basically tells him she's from a different world, she has a completely different look than the martha we know and has what looks like a much advanced time machine that presumably also allows her to travel between worlds, she save jonas at the last second and we literally don't know anything else about how she fits into the story.

So what does it all mean? well based on what we've seen to this point, it seems like we're looking at a deterministic system where everything that happens already happened and nothing can be changed, despite what the characters have said, we haven't seen any evidence to contradict this  if that's the case, you could think of time as a line where all the events are laid out from beginning to end, since time travel exists, characters can visit different points on the line and experience them out of order but  everything is mapped out and happens only once, for example martha nielsen was shot and killed, jonas happens to be there at two different points in his life but there is only one event, his older self shoots her and his younger self watches her die, it only happens once even though  he sees it from his perspective twice, where things get confusing is that characters throw around this idea of cycles, the term cycles and that isn't clearly defined, what makes the most sense to me is that a cycle would be one person experiencing an event from their perspective at different points in time, since the final cycle is supposed to start on june 27 2020, the apocalypse is probably the event when adam arrives to kill martha, this would be the third point in his life that he's experienced this from his perspective, that could be what he's talking about when he says the start of the third cycle i'm not married to this idea, but it's hard to come up with something else that doesn't violate this closed structure where the characters don't have free will, my hope is that they define what adam is talking about early on in season three and will get a clear understanding of how alt marta wound up saving jonas from the apocalypse the first time he experienced it.

Tannhaus's hypothesis in his book, a journey through time is, time is not linear, past present and future are intertwined and influence one another, we also have the trinity knot notebook, the triquetra notebook with everything that happens leading up to the apocalypse already written down, several characters have seen the notebook and followed what was written inside it and its existence indicates someone knew everything that would happen, we don't know who wrote it or where it came from and that's just one of the mysteries we got bouncing around,

There's a lot of mystery and a lot of unanswered questions going into the final season, there are some things we do know though, we know who lived and who died and where some of the characters are at, who died in season two, well the man at the cave who is most likely the older Bartosz, he was killed by younger noah and adam sent him to do it, Noah died when he was shot by his sister agnes under the church, we also saw the graveyard by the church in 2053, there were a lot of wooden crosses marking graves, they all looked the same and were all likely victims of the apocalypse, we saw markers for Woller and aleksander tiedemann and others just in case you didn't think this giant black ball slash explosion thing would kill everyone in the city, Woller was at the power plant and aleksander was in the police station, the church itself is destroyed and that probably means adam's god particle twin machine is gone as well, although there's no way to tell since Jonas wouldn't have known about it when he first traveled to 2052, we're not really sure if Claudia knew about it, younger Noah would have known about it but we don't know if he would have told any of the other survivors, older claudia was killed by Noah and of course martha prime was killed and all these characters are dead, but because of time travel it's certainly possible that they will pop up in season 3.

The survivors and where they are, Hannah traveled to 1954 and she's still there when the apocalypse happens as far as we know, we've yet to see an older version of hannah, but do know that she left ulrich where he was and we've seen the older version of him, she also told aegon that she was looking for a fresh start which sounds like she may stay in that time period, older magnus and presumably older franziska are still in 1921, the best guess is that adam would have returned to the church and traveled back to join them there after he killed Martha, everyone in the bunker is still alive, middle Claudia, Regina Peter, young Elisabeth and young Noah, of course those two will form a relationship that will later produce Charlotte, Claudia has a time machine with her and she will be researching the god particle, we know that from the tapes and the stuff that she left behind in 2053, we don't know what's up with Peter or Regina at this point, Regina still has cancer, stranger Jonas, Magnus, Franziska and Bartosz travel somewhere that will eventually lead them back before 1921, the stranger will become Adam, build the church in the god particle twin time machine and form sic mundus, Katharina entered the passage traveling to either 1954-1987, we'll have to wait and see where she exits, since Jonas and young Helga both survived when they touched through the portal at the end of season one, there's reason to believe that Elisabeth and Charlotte will survive as well, it's a different situation to be sure though, since the area where Charlotte is currently is in the process of being destroyed, i don't think we could say where they'll end up based on what happened, the last time when Jonas and Helga touched each other, one person traveled 66 years and the other traveled 33 and that's what we know and what can be explained so fat until the premiere of season 3 on Netflix.


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