Dark Family Tree Explained | Netflix Dark Season 1 & 2

In a story where everything is connected, things can get a little bit complicated, one of my favorite things in season 2 of Dark is Adam's wall of photos that we get a look at in the 1921 timeline, season 1 gave us the string wall that presumably older Claudia put together in the future after the apocalypse, it was in the bunker but Adam one-upped her with his fantastic display, while there are still mysteries that remain in the family trees, we can reasonably explain how the four families in the 2019 photos are related and connected, they are all central to the story and displayed at the center of Adam's wall, I think the Nielsen's are the best place to start so we can go from there. 

The Nielsen family :

The Nielsen family in 2019 is Ulrich and Katarina, they were high school sweethearts that got married, they end up having three children, Magnus is their oldest, Marta is the middle child and Mikkel is the youngest, in November of 2019 at age 11 Mikkel time travels through the caves getting stuck in 1986, in that same month Ulrich travels through the caves looking for him, but he ends up getting stuck in 1953, Mikkel is eventually adopted by his nurse Ines Kahnwald, he grows to adulthood and becomes Michael Kahnwald, we know Ulrich's parents Tronte and Jana as they are still both alive in 2019, we get the idea that they never got over the disappearance of Ulrich's brother Mads Nielsen who went missing in 1986, Mads dies after being kidnapped, Noah and Helge were behind this, they were using him to test the time travel chair that is in the bunker, they send him to 2019 through it, but he dies in the process because the chair isn't fully operational yet, Agnes Nielsen is Tronte's mother which makes her Ulrich's grandmother, she came to Winden in 1953 with a young Tronte in tow and moved in with the Tiedemanns, Agnes is mysterious and there's a lot of questions that follow her around, also young Tronte told young Claudia that he was in a home before they came to Winden, so it's not a hundred percent confirmed that Agnes is his biological mother, we also don't know for sure who her husband was and thus where she picked up the Nielsen name, she does mention that she was married to a pastor who was not a good person, but that only leads to speculation of who that might be, we do know that Agnes grew up in the care of Erna in Winden in the 1921 timeline, it's not clear if Erna is the biological mother of both her and her brother Noah though, we do know that she takes people in so that could be a reference to taking Noah and Agnes in' in the first place, in 1953 Agnes has an affair with Doris Tiedemann and then later their children Claudia Tiedemann and Tronte Nielsen have an affair in the 1980s, as mentioned Mikkel Nielsen travels back in time from 2019 to 1986 and he gets himself stuck there, he ends up being adopted by ines Khanwald so he is a Neilsen by blood but a Kahnwald by name, this also means that Ulrich is Jonas's grandfather.

The Khanwald Family :

The 2019 Khanwald family is Michael who used to be Mikkel, Hannah, Jonas and Michael's adopted mother Ines, Ines' father was Daniel Kahnwald, he was the chief of police in 1953, we see that he works with Egon Tiedemann and Ines' mother is unknown, we hear of her but we never see her, Hannah who married Michael unknowingly ends up sleeping with his father when she starts to have an affair with Ulrich, Jonas Kahnwald falls in love with Martha Nielsen which of course turns out to be his aunt, Jonas is the central character in Dark, we see him at three different ages in the story, he starts out in 2019 as a teenager, his older self who we referred to as the stranger shows up in Winden in the beginning of season one and then we learned that there's another older Jonas who his younger self meets in the 1921 timeline, this version goes by the name of Adam, at the end of season two we aren't exactly sure how he progresses from being the character who was the stranger into his Adam self, but we do know that Adam has created a group called Sic Mundus, older Magnus is a member of that for sure, older Franziska is almost certainly a member and other member could definitely be an older Bartosz, that is the theory that some people think they look a lot alike, but the other two are only speculation because those characters look like they could be them and we know that they traveled with the middle Jonas, he saved them by taking them through time right before the apocalypse happened, Hannah ends up time-traveling to 1954 to go look for Ulrich, she tells the police that she thought he might be her husband but after talking to him, she realizes that he favors Katharina and his family over her and decides to leave him in the facility, but she decides that she's gonna start a new life in the 1950s, as far as we can tell there's also a hint here that she may have taken interest in Egon Tiedemann, because he's basically Ulrich's nemesis throughout the years that we see these two characters interact, and we saw Egon discussing the possibility of having an affair with Ines' father Daniel Kahnwald.

The Tiedemann Family :

The 2019 Tiedemann family consists of Regina, Alexander and Bartosz, of course Regina's mother is Claudia, who is a very important character, she was the head of the power plant but went missing in 1987, she ages up to become the oldest version of her that we see running around doing all sorts of important things, but as far as we can tell she had never contacted Regina after leaving in 1987 so nobody knows where she's at, the identity of Regina's father is unknown, Claudia never had a husband that we've seen but she does have an affair with Tronte which we see in season one, this has led to the theory that he's Regina's father but it's not confirmed in any way, Claudia's parents are Egon and Doris who both are seemingly unhappy in their marriage, Aleksander Tiedemanns real name is Boris Niewald but he took the identity of someone named Aleksander Kohler when he first moved to Winden, then took on Regina's last name when they married, Clausen is the brother of the real Aleksander Kohler which was the original reason he came to windin to lead the task force into the six missing persons cases, we don't know who Boris/Aleksander's family is, why he showed up in the woods in Winden in 1986, but it's likely that it will be important since everything is so connected in Winden.

The Doppler Family :

The 2019 Doppler family is Peter, Charlotte, Franziska and Elisabeth, Peter's father is Helge, we don't know who his mother is and his entire backstory is confusing because he mentions arriving in Winden in 1987, either way he refers to Helge as his father and I imagine we're gonna learn more about his backstory in season 3, Helge's parents are Bernd and Greta Bernd who started the nuclear plant in Winden, we see him later pass it on to Claudia to take over when he retires, Greta does make a statement that indicates that Bernd might not be Helge's biological father, but he seems to care for the boy as his own so there might be some mystery there but Bernd doesn't seem to be affected by it, Charlotte's father is Noah and this basically means that her family is related to everyone through Tronte who would be Charlotte's cousin, the big Doppler family reveal in season 2 of dark was that Charlotte and Elisabeth are each other's mothers, this had a lot of people confused at the end of season, but we have to remember that while there is a linear timeline that we can follow, when you introduce time travel you're introducing all these different loops that don't adhere to that linear timeline, so what happened is basically this - young Elisabeth and young Noah survived the apocalypse in the bunker together, we assume that later they must have started a relationship and Elisabeth gave birth to a baby Charlotte, later Charlotte was raised by a HG Tannhaus the clockmaker, he became her adoptive grandfather considering he's responsible for creating the time machine and was visited by Claudia and older Jonas throughout the story, we assume someone brought him Charlotte to take care of her, we don't know why but it turns out that Charlotte then grows up among Ulrich, Katherina and Hannah's generation in the 80s and goes on to marry Peter Doppler, they later have two children Franziska and Elisabeth because Noah is Charlotte's father and Elisabeth is Charlotte's daughter, that makes Noah Elisabeth's grandfather as well as Franziska's, it also makes Elizabeth her own grandmother as well as her sister Franziska's grandmother, that would also mean that Peter is her grandfather while it can be confusing, it certainly does make sense inside of the time travel narrative that we were given so there could be more reveals like this to come in season three.


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