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Dark Season 3 Ending Explained | Dark Netflix Review

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Netflix Dark Timeline | Everything in Chronological Order | Dark Recap

In Dark everything is connected since time travel is the thing, we move through multiple timelines which can make following what's happening when very complicated, this two-part article will cover everything we've seen through seasons 1 & 2 so far and if you haven't watched the second season yet it will contain massive spoilers.

With that out of the way, let's jump right in because there's a lot to cover, the oldest thing we've seen in Dark so far is the photo of the group Sic Mundus Creatus Est, which we know was taken on January 8th, 1921 according to the back of the photo, it shows Adam, older Noah, adult Agnes Nielsen, and older Magnus Nielsen which have all been named so far on screen, also it has who we presume are older Franziska and older Bartosz to either side of Magnus, which haven't been named but we know they all travel together with the stranger aged Jonas at the end of season 2, there are six more unidentified people in the photo, one of th…

Dark Family Tree Explained | Netflix Dark Season 1 & 2

In a story where everything is connected, things can get a little bit complicated, one of my favorite things in season 2 of Dark is Adam's wall of photos that we get a look at in the 1921 timeline, season 1 gave us the string wall that presumably older Claudia put together in the future after the apocalypse, it was in the bunker but Adam one-upped her with his fantastic display, while there are still mysteries that remain in the family trees, we can reasonably explain how the four families in the 2019 photos are related and connected, they are all central to the story and displayed at the center of Adam's wall, I think the Nielsen's are the best place to start so we can go from there. 

The Nielsen family :
The Nielsen family in 2019 is Ulrich and Katarina, they were high school sweethearts that got married, they end up having three children, Magnus is their oldest, Marta is the middle child and Mikkel is the youngest, in November of 2019 at age 11 Mikkel time travels through…

Dark Season 2 Ending Explained | Netflix |

How the apocalypse happened in Winden at the end of Dark’s second season? I will recount the big revelations that we got in the the season, The first was that Noah isn't the big bad in the story, he follows a man named adam who is the leader of a group called Sic Mundus, we learn that Adam is actually Jonas, the oldest version of him that we've met, this means that there are two major factions in the story led by Adam and Claudia, this is all fairly complicated considering that alliances change throughout time, Adam and Sic Mundus's goal appears to be to destroy the world, but he tells people he's in a war with god which is time, Claudia wants to stop Adam, she sells that as wanting to save the world and there's a component of changing small details of things which will lead to a different outcome, another big revelation was that  Elisabeth and Noah are Charlotte's parents, this means that Charlotte is both the daughter and the mother of Elisabeth which makes f…

Dark Season 2 Recap | Full Season Breakdown | Netflix

Today I'm gonna do a full recap of Dark season 2, part of what  I love about this show is its complexity, obviously, this is a recap of everything that happened in Dark season 2 and will be full of spoilers if you haven't seen it yet. 

The first episode of Dark's second season opens in a time period we haven't seen yet, There are two characters, who at first glance, aren't anyone we've seen before, the time period is 1921 and the characters who we see digging the passage in the caves are a younger Noah and who I presume to be an older Bartosz, we never get confirmation that this is Bartosz on screen but I would be shocked to learn that's not the case, Noah kills the second man with the pickaxe after he accuses him of losing his faith in their group Sic Mundus before he struck down he tells Noah that he hopes that a day will come where he doesn't believe everything that Adam tells him, he says that he should ask him why he took him in and why he chose to …

Deadpool - Movie Review

Deadpool directed by Tim Miller starring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool / Wayde Wilson, this is a revenge story and a love story, it's about how Wade Wilson became the Merc with the mouth Deadpool as we know him, there's a revenge aspect about finding someone he has a serious grudge against and it's also a love story with the girl named Vanessa that he meets, that changes his life.

I don't know a lot about Deadpool the character, but I know enough and I didn't know what to think going into this movie, because we've already seen Ryan Reynolds portrayed this character once in x-men origins Wolverine and oh god that was awful, it's also coming out in February and that's not the cinematic wasteland of January but it is close, it's a first time director so I had no idea what to think going into Deadpool, I was blown away by this movie in every way, this movie was great, I loved every minute of this movie, this is coming from somebody who admires Deadpool and w…

IT - Movie Review

IT is the film adaptation of Stephen King's famous book we already had a 1990 miniseries, starring Tim Curry based off of that book and now we get to see it in theaters, here we have a bunch of kids who are part of the Losers Club, a group of nerdy kids who band all together in Derry Maine to fight  Pennywise the clown, a demonic creature that feeds off the fear.

The movie does justice to the greatest strengths of the novel and wisely omits parts of the novel that didn't work, my biggest discrepancy with the novel was Beverly marshes decision to please all of her young friends, if you've red the book, you know what I'm talking about, that was just a WTF moment that didn't really work for me, it wasn't in the miniseries, but what didn't work for me about that miniseries was the adult aspect of it, when you got to see them as adults coming back to Derry Maine, this film just focuses on them in their young lives dealing with the things they're most afraid o…